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Wizard Elite black
8 buttons, no camera, no keypad

Since its introduction 8 years ago, the Wizard Elite became the reference in stylish reception of visitors. Indeed, Wizard Elite constitutes incontestably the most renovating, innovating and ambitious door phone ever seen, as well in the field of its technical possibilities as in its design.

SKU: FTB2508


  • Voice over existing house telephones (fixed or wireless) or via IP
  • Transfer to external numbers (e.g. GSM)
  • Integration of access keypad possible
  • Connectable to DECT module
  • Video communication possible
  • Integration of Speech module possible
  • Visual feedback for visitor when he rings
  • LON Integration
  • Integration position present/absent (day/night)
  • RGB Lighting:you can choose the lighting in any colour and change it whenever you want
  • Telephone exchange required to reach internal house phones
  • Connectable to a GSM (SIM) box
  • Integration of badge reader possible
  • Digital presentation of names, free messages and house number possible
  • Model flush mount/surface mount possible
  • Several push buttons possible: 1, 2, 3, 4 with/without keypad 5, 6, 7, 8 without keypad
  • Number of external numbers to program per push button: 10
  • A standard relay numbers to be controlled by telephone keypad: 1


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