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Wizard Classic grey
1 button, no camera, no keypad

Since 1996 the Wizard Classic proves its reliability, both in private as in industrial projects.


SKU: DB9701


  • Voice over existing house telephones (fifixed or wireless)
  • Transfer to external numbers (e.g. GSM)
  • Telephone exchange required to reach internal house phones
  • Directly connectable to external analog line (e.g. elevator)
  • Connectable to a GSM(sim)box
  • Connectable to DECT module
  • Model flush mount/surface mount possible
  • Connectable to IP
  • Video communication possible
  • Integration of access keypad possible
  • Integration of speech module possible
  • LON Integration
  • Integration position present/absent (day/night)
  • Number of external numbers to program per push button 2
  • Several push buttons possible: 1, 2, 3 with/without keypad
  • A standard relay numbers to be controlled by telephone keypad 1
  • A number of relays to be controlled by telephone keypad by means of extension 40
  • A number of relays to be controlled by access keypad 40


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