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Wizard Bronze IP rustic small
1 button, no camera, no keypad

Looking for something special? The Wizard Bronze IP fills the needs of even the most demanding customer. This surface mounted or flush mounted unit is entirely made out of copper and can therefore be bronzed into different colours.




  • Voice over existing house telephones (fixed or wireless)
  • Transfer to external numbers (e.g. GSM)
  • Telephone exchange required to reach internal house phones
  • Directly connectable with VOIP provider
  • Connectable to a GSM (SIM) boxVideo communication possible
  • Model flush mount/surface mount possibleIntegration of access keypad possible
  • Wizard Bronze IP can be fitted with an Ekey fingerprint reader. It is seamlessly integrated into the bronze frameIntegration of speech module possible
  • Integration position present/absent (day/night)
  • Number of external numbers to program per push button: 10
  • Several push buttons possible: 1, 2, 3 with keypad
  • A standard relay numbers to be controlled by telephone keypad: 2
  • A number of relays to be controlled by telephone keypad by means of extension with FT4SWIP: 2+8
  • A number of relays to be controlled by access keypad: 2+8


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